5 Myths of Furnished Office Space for Rent

5 Myths of Furnished Office Space for Rent

8 January, 2019

There are rumors about the future office space trends and how the work strategies would evolve in the coming years. But what we need to find if those trends make some sense or they are just the baseless myths. Yes, several sources spread baseless rumors. May it be because of the lack of experience in the real estate sector or the poor understanding of workplace statistics; but the business owners must be aware of the real trends and the myths that are spreading.

Here, I would mention a few myths which have spread around.

1)Real Estate Agents are not required

Enormous popularity and usage of technology have been the main reason for this myth to take rise. Of course, the tenant can find more information about the availability of office space in the market using social media, but the fact is that office space leasing is a hectic process and it certainly requires experts to look after the deal.
An experienced real estate agent can help tenants in the negotiation process and can handle if any issue arises. So, the day might come in future where a tenant doesn’t need an agent but only when company owners standardize complex variables.

2)Co-working is the future

Co-working is for sure an interesting concept that’s been in the trend lately. Co-working is in trend for one main reason, and it is nothing but a less initial investment. Usually, the start-ups are opting for co-working so that they can cut down a huge investment in office space and get started with their operations. But definitely, it’s not at all the future of office space, and it can never match the benefits offered by a dedicated office space as privacy is also the main concern for some companies.
So, dedicated office space is definitely in trend.

3)Suburban office space is dying  

People believe that the office space market is declining but the fact is suburban areas is actually thriving and is in its effort to attract the workforce of millennial employees. So, the demand for office space is increasing on a large scale.

4)Private offices to vanish

From past so many years, traditional private furnished office spaces have the common cubicle design where the employees are assigned a cubicle or a cabin based on the job function. But lately, there’s been a new trend of open layouts,co-working spaces started to spur employee collaboration, and some companies have also taken it way ahead by experimenting it out of private offices.

5) Private offices are expensive

Private offices are actually less expensive than leasing office space for an extended period of time and by making the switch, you could save your company’s money. If you take the time to review your current business expenses, you’ll most likely conclude that the majority of the funds you’re spending are going towards things that could be avoided if you simply allowed your employees to work remotely.