Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Application of these terms and conditions

By using this site ,you have to be agree to bound by these terms and conditions.We offer free service to the clients.Landlords can also advertize their properties on our site.


Any contract for rent of any property is between client and agent,not us.We will not be held responsible in case of any dispute between client and agent.


Our website is free from faults or computer server due to which it is available is free from virus.

Use of information

All the contents in this websites are confidential,customers can use these contents at their own risk.

Virus, hacking and other offences

Misuse of our website by introducing viruses,Trojan horse and other worms should not be there.You should not use any harmful material that may harm the cuter equipments.

Uploading material to website

If uploading any material to our site ,we will consider it as non-confidential and we have full right to copy that material at any moment of time.If listing of property by agent is inaccurate we will not be held responsible for that.

Disclaimer and limitation of liability

Your safety and security is in your hands.We will not take any responsibility for agent's property or any kind of fraud.


Keep checking this page from time to time to make ensure if any changes have made.Changes to the site may be done periodically,therefore keep yourself upto date.


  • Distribute the contents of the website to any other server is strictly prohibited.
  • Use of the content is at the sole risk of user.
  • You cannot transfer the copies to any other third party in exchange of money.
  • Attempt to attack the site is also restricted.

Linking of the site

If you are connecting to our site without any prior permission,the method should be fair and would not damage our reputation ,or take advantage of it.The logo of our site or all the members that are linked with the site should not be used for promotional purposes.